The World Needs Care and Kindness… Always.

The World Needs Care and Kindness… Always.

Care and kindness, it sounds so simple but it's not! It's a learned behavior. There is one phrase you will never hear me say: "You should know better". I know adults that don't "know better" so why should kids??? It is OUR job to TEACH them "better"! Little humans don’t come out of a box filled with knowledge and know-how. We are the ones that need to nurture and educate children. If you don't set expectations and then follow through, you will continue to get the same results.

When kids or even adults show deep levels of empathy, you can count on one thing: They LEARNED what it means to be kind. Empathy is more than a quality that we are born with- it's a skill that can be taught and developed as children grow. Putting in the effort to nurture it has major payoffs: not only is empathy the foundation of every single relationship kids will have, it also has a major impact on the success in school and beyond.

Raising kids does not require a PhD. By taking advantage of everyday opportunities, you will foster an awareness of others and a sense of kindness that your child will carry for life. Remember children are very perceptive, and they learn what they live. They will imitate those behaviors and will notice if you are grateful and courteous to others. The word you use will become theirs later in life. The more your kids see your kind acts they are more likely to follow suit with very little prompting required.

Service activities introduce kids to the needs of people in their communities, showing them that not everyone “lives” the way they do. Awareness not only helps children appreciate what they have but fuels the desire to help those that are less fortunate.
With just a little effort your kids will learn that they can make a big difference in the world.


Volunteer Match is a great site to find ways to donate whatever you can to your community!




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