“Struggle Mom”

Adulting is hard! Sometimes just getting out of bed is a challenge! Struggling is an understatement. When I was a teacher and I found my kids struggling, for whatever reason, I would force them to free-write for fifteen minutes. Most found it very therapeutic and almost all wrote longer than the time allotted. So, I have decided to write, well blog, but I suppose it’s the same thing? I have promised myself that no matter what I talk about I will free-write like my kids did in school.


So, my “Mourning” hair, it’s a real thing! I just thought one morning, holy cow if people could see what I look like some mornings when I get out of bed. Deranged pretty much sums it up.  Sometimes I actually go out with that hair and run errands. Who has the time? Some weeks I lose track if I’ve even washed my hair.


OK,so getting back to the blogging. It is currently 4:13 a.m. on a Thursday morning. I can’t sleep, what else is new? As usual my mind is racing, not running, racing and spinning like the Tasmanian Devil! My thoughts are never ending. I lie in bed and try to force myself to fall back to sleep but that usually makes it worse. All these ideas in my head at one time, it’s a wonder I sleep at all!


Writing, or what I like to think of as my “thought vomit” is very cathartic. I was invited to blog last year but I just didn’t make the time.  I wasn’t sure I had anything to say and my fear got the best of me. I made excuses and used the oldest one in the book: TOO BUSY. Everyone is busy, but too busy to sit down and write. Just a copout! Again, when it came time to do it again this year, I made the commitment to throw myself in head first, feet first, and maybe even foot in the mouth first.  Does grammar count?


The mission of this particular challenge is to “Learn how to Grow your Business through Blogging”. It’s ironic, writing these entries just may help me save my sanity through these weird and unprecedented times? I don’t know about everyone else, but I am just riding the wave, my toes are at the very tippy toe end of the board! It’s hard enough to “Mom”, but “Momming” through a pandemic is even crazier! OK back to my point…


 “Consistent small actions lead to success” ~ Sue Guiher


I am the owner a school called The Learning Experience. We are soon to celebrate our 7th anniversary. In March, before Covid-19, we had 178 active children with just a few more spots to be filled. It’s interesting that I am writing about growing my business. I hustled hard the last 6 years and now I am having to almost start over again.


“If you are green you are growing, and if you are ripe you rot” ~Ray Kroc


I have had the pleasure of having quite a few phenomenal mentors in my life (thus far, the journey is never-ending) and the lessons I have learned (some the hard way) have been invaluable! I sit here thinking of the person I was when I was younger, and the person I am now in my forties; wow it is ever-changing!  I never ceased to be amazed at life and the people in it!  


What does this all mean? My evolution as a homo Saipan, woman, teacher, mentor, students, friend, wife, and mother is mind-blowing. I am not sure what my “StruggleMom” blog will be about, but I do know I will be real and honest. If it helps me grow my business or helps me stay mentally and emotionally grounded, so be it, either way I am winning. EVERYTHING is a “teachable moment”!


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